Transformation, what does it mean? 

The earth and we as human beings are in the middle of a phase of vibrational increase from the 3rd to the 4th and ultimately the 5th dimension (more on this under "Path of awareness").
Our physical bodies are also affected; they are cleansed, stretched and become less dense. 
This process often leads to inexplicable physical and psychological disorders. 
Every kind of ailment may occur, from organic problems such as bone and joint pain to burnout and depression. 

All of these reactions are messages from our soul, telling us to change or let go of something in our lives.

The 5D-Flash scan makes these soul messages VISIBLE so that we become aware of them. 
ONLY that which is CONSCIOUSLY PERCEIVED can be processed and resolved! 
5D-Flash scanning further determines POWERFUL symbols that provide VALUABLE support for HEALING on the path of transformation. 

We intensively address and work on the OPENING and HEALING of the HEART, which activates SELF-HEALING POWERS. Self-responsibility for healing IS POSSIBLE! It is the KEY to transformation and expanding our consciousness (more on this under "Path of awareness").