These apps can provide support for:

We were able to compile the following list based on the intuitive usage of the various apps and numerous feedback responses from satisfied users. 

Enormous improvements can be achieved for the following symptoms if used continuously (3 to 4 times daily) over a longer period of time (2-3 weeks):

Losing weight

Optimally adjusts all organs for weight loss
Connective tissue information for skin surface regeneration
Energy gain


Any allergic reactions from bronchial asthma to eyes, nose or ears as well as skin rashes

Free of anxiety

Freedom from all kinds of fears


Generates a high vibration within the body, which repels various insects


Harmonises the body in case of infectious diseases, flu infections, bacteria or viruses


Frees up the respiratory and lung system


Restores balance to the body after excitement

Charisma - vibrancy

Enhances charisma and appearance

Intestinal flora

Harmonises and balances the intestinal flora 


Depressions of all kinds


Stimulates the activity of the pancreas

Eases cramps

Muscle cramps, menstruation ailments, intestinal and stomach cramps


Supports the connection to Mother Earth

Good Feeling

Creates a pleasant and relaxed feeling within the body


Alleviates all influenza symptoms


Toothache, gingivitis, hair loss, brittle nails, skin diseases

Heart circulation

High blood pressure, low blood pressure, anaemia, leukaemia, thromboses, for deviating blood values

Hormone system

Thyroid illnesses, pancreas, hormonal imbalance, menopause, infertility, acne

Immune system

Autoimmune illnesses, immunodeficiency, vaccination damage, increased blood sedimentation and all illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria

Vaccination damage

Activates self-healing powers, washing out the effects and blockages caused by vaccinations


Supports the vertical connection


Supports the body by quickly balancing out time changes and sleep-wake rhythms after long flights


Osteoporosis, bone deterioration, healing of fractures, rickets, bone cancer, heel spur, scoliosis, rheumatisms, gout


Infections in these areas, epilepsy, fever cramps, tinnitus, cataract, glaucoma, dry or watery eyes, far or near-sightedness


Migraine, influenza, meteoropathy, cerebral cell expansion


Optimally stabilises and naturally accelerates blood circulation


Mononucleosis, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver cysts


Intensively activates both cerebral hemispheres in order to absorb learning material quicker and retain it longer

Let go

Naturally accelerates various let-go processes


Bronchitis, asthma, allergies, shortness of breath, tuberculosis, COPT, flu infections

Lymphatic system

Reduction of all harmful substances within the body, detoxification


Gastritis, colitis, duodenitis, diverticula, cyst formation, irritable bowel, general stomach-intestinal infections

Male organs

Prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, inflammations, fungal infections and venereal diseases

Muscles and tendons

Multiple sclerosis, tendonitis, strains, tendon rupture, hyperextension or contraction, trigger finger, muscle soreness, oedema

Food intolerance

Detects food intolerances (hot thumbs) and resolves this issue if used longer

Nervous system

Nerve inflammation, toothache, trigeminal pain, Parkinson’s, restless legs, shaking palsy, compulsions, anxieties etc.


Renal colic, renal gravel or stones, renal deficiency, renal cysts, dialysis

Power Flash

Restores all bodily powers


Insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, nightmares


Pains of all kinds - bones, joints, teeth, muscles, etc.


Protection against foreign energy or "energy vampires"

Free of addiction

Counteracts alcohol, nicotine, drug, pharmaceutical addictions and the like


Alleviates or naturally accelerates forgiveness processes

Female organs

Endometriosis, menstruation ailments, myoma, cysts, pregnancy ailments, infections, venereal diseases, vaginal mycosis, etc.

Spinal column

Naturally supports the spine in case of various ailments

Cell regeneration-Detox

Restores the natural vibration of healthy cells and removes damaged cells and has a detoxification effect

Cysts and myoma

Natural reduction of cysts and myoma ‒ while taking the cause into account

A guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the information cannot be provided.