In the spiritual world the love and on earth governs fear. This fear is but ONLY an illusion of our ego and arise EMOTIONS as envy, jealousy, hatred, anger ...

Our SOUL knows no emotions, therefore they incarnate on Earth to do exactly this experience. When she arrives however, here they forget who she is i.e. the SOUL loses her AWARE that this is all just a game and illusion to GROW - the ego is formed and followed often suffering, pain and physical discomfort.

If the level of suffering has become large enough, we start to work on US and to remind us again.

We must begin to heal our HEART and open so that we release the fear and can make our EGO friend. Our true life-task is to feel the VIBRATION FREQUENCY OF LOVE, here on earth.

And the championship is the unconditional love to live without evaluating and passing judgment simply FROM THE HEART OF LIFE. In the heart we find our self-worth and self-love is possible.

Since the self-healing powers also live in the heart, we can fully exploit and take over the responsibility for healing of body, mind and soul this again. Is exactly where the therapy 5d Flash Scan, by showing us which vibrations affect our heart and prevent the opening.

It is you visualize what people, heart stressful emotions, behavior ... caused to close your heart or prevent the opening.

Are these vibrations then transformed by the session and you realize your topics, you can forgive, let go and accept us as your heart of all liberate "pain" and open for the LOVE!

For that you get with some very simple exercises and thought approaches that are feasible for everyone easily in daily life. This valuable LOVE ENERGY (strongest healing vibration in the universe) is free and is free to flow through your body and accomplish CURE in all cells. 

Therefore, the HEART OPENING of the keys to healing on all levels is.

As long as we do not yet know the unconditional LOVE and LIFE, we need, unfortunately, the pain to grow.