General explanations

Main screen
Alphabetical list for all themes according to mental and physical applications.
HistoryShows the most frequently used applications at the top.
Energy medicine cabinet      
Includes all current and future app themes. 2 new themes are added to the app library every month. The final version of the exclusive collection will contain more than 100 themes. Each individual theme only costs 79 cents when users purchase the "Medicine cabinet".
Advanced energy medicine cabinet
The application combines compatible and supportive themes for various symptoms for quick regeneration. All associated themes are played sequentially without pausing or text display when the "PLAY" button is activated. Emotional backgrounds are only displayed when an individual theme is selected.
Vital codeVital codes are passed on by 5d Flash recommenders.

Questions & answers

What information is actually introduced into my body?

How is this even possible with a cell phone or smartphone?

Why does radiation from the cell phone not interfere with the process?

Does an effect always occur even if I do not feel anything?

How many themes can be performed consecutively?

How do I know whether the app works on my smartphone or tablet?

Does the app also work on BlackBerry or Windows Phone?

Can I buy all themes at once? – Where can I find the entire "Energy medicine cabinet"?

How do I pay for the fee-based apps?

How can I change my Google payment method?

My app is in English and does not work properly!

My video stops frequently, and the button "Cancel" appears!

Why does video playback stutter or stop altogether?

Are there updates and how do I get these?

Do background images also have a therapeutic effect?

Do I have to purchase all apps again when I switch to a new cell phone?