App Installation - Overview

Very important!!

Please test one or all 4 free themes (Balance, Protection, Well-grounded, Good feeling) after installation to determine whether the app runs smoothly on your smartphone and performs all functions properly BEFORE purchasing other themes or the entire "Energy medicine cabinet".

The apps have been designed for iPhone, iPad and Android from version 4.0.

Activate the App Store on your iPhone/iPad:

Or the Play Store on Android devices:

Search "5d flash vital" and install the app:

4 themes are available for free:

€ 3.90 for each additional theme – or the entire library with all currently available themes and the bonus feature with all future themes for € 79.99. 2 themes are added to the library every month; the final version will contain more than 100 themes.

Users can either pay by credit card, through their phone bill or with iTunes. Voucher codes – available at tobacconists, gas stations, grocery or office-supply stores.
Tap the newly installed icon:

Please enter the vital code now if you have such a code.

Vital Code:
The vital code gives you access to the "Advanced energy medicine cabinet", which consists of many theme combinations for various symptoms.

Android users can save an additional € 20 if they purchase the complete medicine cabinet.

Unfortunately, the discount does not apply for iPhone or iPad devices since Apple does not permit this. 

The "Home" button brings up the start screen:


An overview of available themes is displayed after tapping start:

Explanations are displayed for selected themes:  

A hint about potential causes of disorders appears when the user taps "Next": 


The language can be selected in the toolbox.