New measurement methods have reduced the average therapy time to 45 minutes.

Follow-up measurements can already be performed after 3 days due to cell-measurement technology; 5d-

Flash scanning is absolutely pain and contact-free.

The system consists of a computer and an analysis device. The client's cell information is rapidly evaluated with bio-inductors in regard to energy, thus visualising all organ-specific strains. An extensive consultation takes place after the detailed analysis in which the client is made "aware" of all – currently existing – strains and conditions at the cell, heart and soul level. Issues, persons, beliefs, injuries of the heart, soul conditions, congenital vibrations, transformational states, etc. that block the energy system are revealed. 

"Burdensome" patterns, issues, implants, beliefs and negative experiences are deactivated based
on the indicated "Flash-Point".

We discuss the "next step" and the qualities you can learn in the current situation during the session. You can stabilise your condition with our special step-on pads and increase your body vibration once the cells have been freed of all burdensome vibrations. 

Our "client portal" provides further information in order to enhance your insights; just enter your anonymous and non- personalised session number.

You are encouraged to use these "aids" in order to stabilise your cleansed condition and maintain the gained ENERGY. 

This is what makes SELF-HEALING possible!!

Many people already notice positive effects during the session, which is then visualised with the 5d-Flash scan after only a few days during the control session!


We explicitly emphasise that the application described here does not contain a "healing promise, confirmation or guarantee", and the statements within this document should not be regarded as such!

Every client is INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE; all clients participate in the 5d-Flash scan session with the mindset to CHANGE SOMETHING IN THEIR LIVES. All statements and recommendations refer, without exception, to the client's ENERGY BODY and not to the physical body.

Clients with abnormalities and severe energy deviations in the energy body are referred, without exception, for further medical and clinical evaluation.

Your 5D-Flash Team