The increase in vibration of the 3- to 5- dimension simply means a ENTDICHTEN OF MATTER.
The 3rd dimension is profound matter and does not mean to be PERMEABLE for higher frequencies - the impulses of our souls do not come through to us.

Therefore, we have projected our I OWN (divinity in us) to the outside and pray for centuries "parent organizations" to. That means we have passed our own power and let OTHER precisely manipulate and control this power through. So we have to find our true self again and assume the responsibility - this transformation is called TRANSFORMATION!

Just as the earth cleanses (earthquakes, floods ... ..) have to raise their vibration we humans by such CLEANING PROCESSES pass as disease, depression, burnout, etc .. These messages OUR SOUL are necessary to us to refer to our POTENTIAL and to recognize it and to ultimately LIFE! Only then can we fulfill our we made LIFE TASK:

Transformation always begins in us comes! We must begin to take responsibility for our actions and work in the life and stop OTHER transfer this responsibility by keeping us small.  One of our greatest BLOCKS on this journey of awareness is our EGO - shaped by education, environment, false beliefs, injuries ...

The first step in this direction is our BE in here and now to accept the way it is and begin in us to seek - WHO AM I AND WHAT MAKES ME OFF?

That is why the 5d Flash Scan is a valuable companion through the TRANSFORMATION it precisely these vibrations - measuring onerous (Egostrukturen with all false beliefs) as undiscovered (our true potential and our special skills) to us and aware of us makes .So know we exactly where to begin to develop and take ownership again. This is the journey of awareness!