5d Flash Energy App

How does the 5D Flash Vital app actually work??

5d Flash Energy Themes


This app activates, harmonizes and stabilizes the 7 energy centers in the energy body. These 7 'power bikes' are connected by a gear system. Chakras can change the direction of rotation by shock or can be completely stopped by an unsolved topic. The physical organs lying in this region are then supplied with less or no energy, whereby diseases are unavoidable.

Body water

Since the human body consists of more than 70% water, it is essential to form these water molecules into an optimal, balanced and stable cluster construct. Unfortunately, due to various external influences, these molecular building blocks are continually deformed, as a result of which no energy can be stored.

Cell cluster

This app optimizes the cell clusters in the energy body. Only through a repaired and stabilized cluster information in the energy field of the human being can the cell clusters be able to align themselves in the physical body and thus free them from their deformation. A stable and solid cell clusters is the key to a perfect energy storage, whereby the energy level of the physical body can be permanently maintained and permanently recalled.