Highlight of this scan

The high-frequency bioenergetic 5D-Flash analysis system with integrated detection sensors!

Detecting and deactivating:

  • Belief patterns
  • Issues
  • Burdensome experiences
  • Implants
  • and the deletion of global value and 
  • power issues amongst women and men

Further distinguishing features:

  • Flash clearing points, learning task 
    Which organs are occupied by my patterns? Which learning task can I integrate in order to achieve new consciousness?
  • My next step?
    What should I focus on in the future!
  • Body, mind and soul
  • Authenticity, system dependency
    To what extent do I implement my knowledge? To what extent do i accept responsibility?
  • Groundedness
    How closely am I connected to Mother Earth?
  • Injury of the heart
    Who or what has injured my heart with which emotion?
  • Stored patterns
    Which patterns have been internalised?
  • Energy-generating and inhibiting foods
    Which fruits or vegetables give me enery NOW, and which food block my energy! Which herbs are beneficial?
  • Personal coaching
    What is my potential and which characteristics do I have? What is the ideal job for me?
  • and much more ...

All vibrations are directly measured and visualised at the cell.

EVERYTHING on earth is subject to the law of vibration; our cells as well are influenced and stressed by various kinds of vibrations. No matter whether these are environmental influences, foods, false beliefs, our fellow human beings, emotions, etc.; it ALWAYS costs valuable life energy. 

We do not consciously perceive all of these vibrations, but they nonetheless reach our cell structures and are stored there.

5D-Flash scanning can precisely measure and thus visualise these unconscious causes within the cells.

Blockages are transformed after detection and important energy is regained, energy we require to maintain our well-being. All forms of "diseases" and "disorders" are always caused by lack of energy.
We can only recognise our true potential when we are free of these ENERGY BLOCKAGES. We can then BEGIN to live an authentic, successful and healthy life in joy, love, happiness and serenity!